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From the moment we entered the arbor a peace settled around us and the dance began. Everyone was present and focused on the tree and a power was forming within the group. The space was alive with the rhythm of the drum. The songs were sung. The flow of unknown forces where moving within us all. The dancers danced to the rhythm of their hearts. The power of life was coursing through our veins and we were there at the centre of the universe. Time was no more. As the days passed the power grew. The focus of each person grew and our strength grew. The prayers became more focused and our inner visions became sharper. Some saw the energies radiating within the tree. Others found a strengh and a peace within. Some let go of old pains and hurts, healing within themselves. Not one person faltered, taken by the power within. And the Earth responded. We all responded as one. One great dance, one great soul, one great life. . .     

~ Martyn Taylor, Head Man Dancer, South Africa