Sacred Pipe Ceremony

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The Sacred Pipe is one of our most sacred instruments. We offer this prayer ceremony to help each of us come closer to Creator, whatever our individual view of Creator is. After the carrier of the Pipe opens it to the Four Sacred directions, it is passed to each individual in the ceremony, who either smokes it, or touches the stem to their two shoulders, giving honor to the Sacre Pipe. After the Pipe goes around, the carrier of the Pipe may speak, giving a message to the people, and some times, it is passed to others, to hold and speak their words or prayers. The ceremony may begin and end withe silence or quiet music, often traditional songs or flute. The smoke helps to carry our prayers to the heavens for the blessing of all. Our prayers continue the whole time the Pipe is being passed. Whatever we ask for ourselves, we ask for all creation. This particular Pipe has prayed in over 30 Sundances, and has been smoked in many sacred places in the world. It brings the prayers of all the many hundreds who have smoked it in the past, and all who will smoke it in the future. This ceremony has touched many people deeply, and creates an ambience that fosters great peace and connectedness with all life. Many comment on the great feeling of love in this ancient ceremony.

About the Ceremony

For probably thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have shared ceremonies involving smoking of some kind. The Pipe Ceremony is found throughout the Americas in slightly different versions. It is a prayer ceremony. Tobacco and other herbs such as red willow bark (but never any mind altering drugs) are used as a way to send our prayers to our Creator and the Spirits. The smoke is not inhaled. A very special healing energy is created during the Ceremony, and when we touch or smoke the Pipe, we join all those thousands who have smoked this pipe before and those who will smoke it in the future. As with all of our ceremonies, there is no fee or charge, although donations to help offset travel expenses are gratefully appreciated. Any extra goes to support Kalpulli Koakalko in Mexico.  We invite you to join this gentle and powerful ceremony.

Bert Gunn is a Ceremony leader,  clinical social worker and handyman ,living in Chaplin, CT in the USA. He assisted, traveled with, organized for, and interpreted for Tlakaelel, the Tolteka-Mexica Elder from Teotihuacan, Mexico for 22 years until his passage to the other side in July of 2012. Bert is currently writing a book on the passage of Tlakaelel from this world five years ago as well as a book on his travels on the “red road”.  Bert is a board member of the World Council Wisdom Gatherings, and the Church of the Earth, and has been the Male Dance Chief for the Dance to Heal the Earth, envisioned by Grandmother Robin Youngblood for 3 years now. Bert has been trained and authorized by Tlakaelel and other Elders to conduct various traditional ceremonies and teachings. Among other ceremonies, has been assisting in and conducting the Four Colors Ceremony for 25 years around the world, as well as the annual Tonal Mitotianilitzli (Celebration of the Sun) dance ceremony in Mexico  and conducts the Temazkal sweat ceremony. He is also available for individual consultation/ healing sessions when asked, with no fee ever asked. “I try to offer a down to earth re-connection to our selves and our spiritual connection to the universe through sharing, ceremony, and seeing ourselves as an integral part of the cosmos. We are  integrally connected with all of creation, and when we realize this, we then feel more of the great healing element of love, which is truly the basis of most spiritual teachings. This universal love is the greatest healing element in our universe. My work is more universal than tied to one specific tradition, tho I primarily practice the ceremonies and indigenous traditions of the Americas. “

Bert Gunn
Kalpulli Chaplin