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We are building communities around the world, all connected, all sourced in the same desire to co-create peace, harmony, balance, sustainability, healing and understanding. Please join us in this incredible shift into cohesive evolution based on traditional foundational values. Your support helps us all!

Dance to Heal the Earth is a community celebration of Life by honouring the Tree of Life.

In our desire to be supported, we learn that we must give ourselves away. The Law of the Universe says that “What goes out comes around.” Therefore, we can only receive as much as we’re willing to give. If we want a strong community, we must be a strong community member. It takes the whole village to create, initiate and implement a strong ceremony that has lasting effects.

Support comes in many forms ~ preparing the land, creating healthy meals, holding space, sharing wisdom, and yes, financial support.

Your financial support is deeply appreciated as well.
Even if you cannot physically attend a Dance, we welcome your financial support and your prayers.

If you aren’t able to attend, and send a donation, we will place a prayer flag on the Sacred Tree of Life with your intentions, to support you in manifesting YOUR dreams and purpose.

Donors can e-mail their intention and request for placing prayer flag with name and country directly to Grandmother Robin, and we will take care of placing it on the Sacred Tree of Life.

Thank you for supporting Dance to Heal the Earth for the Good of All to Support All Life!