Dance to Heal the Earth

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“ The Earth is our Mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. We did not weave the web of life; we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the Web, we do to ourselves.”

~ Chief Seattle, Duwamish


Dear friends of the Dance to Heal the Earth Europe.

We are so grateful for your interest in the Dance to Heal the Earth.
Grandmother Robin’s vision of the Dance has touched us all. It is an important and powerful message, healing for the Earth and all her inhabitants, including all of us.

When we are clear and consider committing to the intention of the Dance, it is important to know that we honor it as a sacred ceremony in which each participant has a wonderful contribution (dancing or assisting in another way) to bring in the healing light of love.

Whether you attend as a Dancer or Earthkeeper, your gift to this dance is a prayer. We are grateful for the community we are building, and every intention you carry. Our work in this Dance will be felt throughout the world.
The ones that are dancing their individual intentions in the Dance will be taking responsibility as a collective to dance an emerging new culture into the world, supported by all the other participants. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to do that as DTHTE tribe.

Listen to the Call to join around the Tree of Life; you are so welcome!

The theme of the Dance 2024 will be ONE HEART, ONE WORLD.

In 2024 we will Dance in the North of the Netherlands, in South-West Friesland
nearby the place Lollum, a beautiful open place with very kind owners, Frans and Marijke from De And’re Ingang. They gave us a warm-hearted welcome.

The Dance this year will take place from Wednesday August 7 till Sunday August 11.

Please let us hear your intentions to participate ASAP, so we can organize related to the substance of participation.

This year we want to invite those who cannot attend to become a home supporter of the Dance.

We really need your help and this also helps you feel more a part of the Dance. Please support us as we will support you. Suggested donation €20 or more if you can.

Also, If you have a special need or request, we’d be honored to create a prayer flag for you and hang in the arbor. Contact us at
We’ll dance your prayers right along with ours!
We are looking forward to meeting you, and seeing you again,singing, dancing and praying with you around the Tree of Life!

Aho an Ahe and Blessings to all!

Dance Chiefs, Grandmother Robin and Grandfather Bert, Elders Council, Dance to Heal the Earth Foundation Board, and Dance to Heal the Earth Co-Creation Teams.

Message from Grandmother Robin

“Greetings, beautiful Dance Community,

This year, as a community, we have decided to move to new dance grounds. This decision wasn’t easy, and we were able to come to a decision that all of us can work with. It was a real co-creation. The Elders meditation that Bas will put in this newsletter helps us to receive the full meaning of Dance to Heal the Earth. The Dance is a living being, just as Mother Earth is. And we are dancing, giving our energy, to help Mother Earth survive and thrive through humanity’s chaos.
This year’s theme is ONE HEART, ONE WORLD. How do we get there with all the division and chaos that humans create?
The decision process to move to Lollum shows us how. Even when there’s disagreement, we support and uphold each other in love.
This year we will be dancing in a new place, open to the skies, and the elements. It will be a very different Dance for us, and will bring new experiences and maybe, as always, some new challenges. We will not have the containment that we often have, surrounded by trees, etc, so we will have to work to keep our energy together. We will be surrounded by fields and water this time, which will hopefully help to keep us grounded. The new hosts are very welcoming and we believe they will be part of the Dance as well as hosting us.
It is important to be prepared for strong winds and possibly rain, and camping space may be more limited, so think about bringing a variety of clothes, jackets, etc. And tie your tents down well. Maybe bring smaller tents if you usually bring a large one. If it rains, there will be even less shelter than we’ve had before. Bring rain gear to dance in. There will be more information in the info packet to be mailed to each person who registers.
I, Robin, remember a Sundance where a gigantic gust of wind blew through and blew all the tipis and tents down, and unsecured personal tents blew away. People had to chase their tents down. If you are experiencing personal chaos, seek out an Elder. We’re here to support you and the Dance. At the above mentioned Sundance, after the wind, a double rainbow appeared over the arbor. I was with the Elders at that time, having just had a melt down. They looked at all the wind’s damage, then at the rainbows. Then they looked at me. ‘Hmmm’, they said, ‘sometimes chaos precedes a miracle’.
Remember that we are dancing to pray for the miracle to arise from the chaos – our own and the world’s – which heals Mother Earth and creates ONE HEART, ONE WORLD.
We look forward to a beautiful, healing and different Dance. Remember we are Dancing ONE WORLD, ONE HEART, so we will be dancing for all the world from our hearts.
Blessing to all of you – In gratitude for your service – Thank you for being part of our community.”

Grandmother Robin

Message from Yfke dance elder for 9 years

“This years theme of the dance is ONE HEART, ONE WORLD, which is a beautiful, and challenging theme to dance for, and of course very appropriate knowing what is going on in the world with all the chaos in many countries and societies. We want to show a different way of being to Dance for peace and love.

Nevertheless it starts within us. All we can heal, and change in ourselves will affect our environment, and our relations. This will spread like a little stone thrown in the water, making circles, and circles, and circles. As our bodies carry the wisdom of Mother Earth, you might feel often quite overwhelmed by all the energies that are present and affecting us. So this is a time to really love and honor yourself first, before helping others. A time to restore your energy every day, so we can step into this new frequency very much needed: the frequency of love.

This years dance will be danced in a new place in Friesland, with a very pure, and safe energy. There is no trauma felt on the land, but a great connection of Ley Lines all the way up to Greenland, England, and other connections. When we are dancing we will create an energy with the whole group, to bring transformation wherever needed, and prayed for. We will pray for love, fulfill ourselves with love, let ourselves be healed by love. And this will resonate out into the world, into the universe as one heart, one world.

Thank you for being part of this years dance!”

– dance elder for 9 years and board-member Dance To Heal The Earth

Message from Grandfather Bert

“Dear Dance community,

This year has been a very busy and confusing one for many people, and there has been a lot of changes in our Dance community. We have new people in some of our teams and new teams also. We have a new board, and even a new Dance location, up in Lollum, Friesland. I think many of us have seen many changes in our lives also. Sometimes it seems like our world is in a delicate place, as Yfke talks about in her message, and she shares very well about how we can help ‘calm the waters” and promote more peace in our world.

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. What affects us affects the whole world, and what affects anything in the world affects each of us. Sometimes I go through strong feelings of anxiety or fear, or sadness, so I look inside to see what is going on in me. Sometimes, I find there is an issue bothering me that I can work out or talk about with a friend and resolve, but sometimes, it is not mine, but something I am picking up “in the airwaves”. We are not isolated beings. We are affected in small and large ways by all that is happening around us. I am aware of how much the recent surge in solar flares affected myself and others. It was a huge release of electromagnetic energy, and our bodies and brains are basically electrical machines. In the same way, I think that there are energetic waves that go around the world. Some are very nice, and some are disturbing. My point is that we need to be careful not to assume that the feelings we have always are part of a personal issue. In the same way we send prayers or smoke to those in need, we also pick up feelings from others, whether we are aware of them or not. So… it is very important to be easy on ourselves and not start judging or blaming ourselves. This goes for others too. We can shield ourselves from some of those energies that are around us, so we do not let them hurt or distract us.

What is most important is that we try to keep our own energies and thoughts and actions as clean and loving as possible. Of course, we feel anger and hurt and such sometimes, so our job is to heal those feelings inside of us and promote the healing all around us.

This is what we do in the Dance. We create a field of loving energy that both heals us and radiates out to our world. It is not always easy, since we are human, but it is what we work towards. We come together in ONE HEART and send this heart energy to ONE WORLD. It is a big task, and we do it as best we can.

Thank you to Grandmother Robin for visioning this Dance and thank you to all our Dance to Heal the Earth teams, those who are active now, and all those in the past who have helped to make this dance what it is. Also, thank you to all those teachers and elders of the past who have helped to create and promote and protect these ceremonies and pass them down to us now.”

Grandfather Bert

“ Remember your prayer-song ~ Dance and pray. Whenever you dance, dance to heal the earth. Not just when you’re dancing, but always. Live the dance, whenever you move, in all you do, dance to heal the earth.”

“ Dancing is power. Dancing is prayer. Some say that all is dance. Now there’s a big dance coming, a Dance to Heal the Earth. Soon this dance will be done in a big way, in the old way, on sacred ground. All living things will take part. Dance to Heal the Earth! Let your feet beat a healing rhythm into the earth. Let your feet beat a strengthening rhythm for those who struggle the hardest. Let your feet beat a life-giving rhythm for all peoples, regardless of race or national boundary, regardless of whether we’re human or whether we’re the trees, the air, the fish, the birds, the buffalo, the bear, the crow. Our dance is a prayer, and our songs, rhythms and our breath give life.”

~ Dee Smith, Tsalagi

It’s Time! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!!

In this time of great change, Mother Earth needs our support. Each of us has a Life Purpose that serves the needs of All Creation. Some of us already know what that is, and how to share our gifts and talents for the good of all. Some of us are still in the process of discovering our mission in life.

Dance to Heal the Earth is a profound focal point for discovery, initiation, healing, and manifesting our intention, in alignment with the Great Creation, Mother Earth and the Core of our Beings. Every movement in the Dance is a prayer of profound focus and intention. These ceremonies were given to our Brothers, as the Protectors of the vision.

Drumming, Dance, Song and Ceremony are the foundation of every indigenous culture ~ and we are all indigenous to Mother Earth and our country of origin. In the way I’ve been taught, all ceremonial dances originated through the Women, the Birthers.

In some cultures, the masculine became the dominant force for many centuries. It is now time for the feminine to re-emerge, and to co-create balance and restore harmony between the masculine and feminine energies in order to support a healthy living environment for All Our Relations.

Whether you attend as a Dancer, Drummer/Singer or Supporter, your gift to this dance is a prayer. We are grateful for the community we are building, and every intention you carry. Our work in this Dance will be felt throughout the world.

Once you have committed to this fasting dance (only dancers will fast), we will send you protocols and a waiver. If you have any medications you need to take; any issues with fasting (you will be drinking water); any concerns or questions, we need to be aware of them. Please fill out the waiver, and we will talk directly to assure you have the protection and awareness you will need to fulfill your commitment and focus solely on your Dance.