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There is a Universal Law of Reciprocation. In ancient times, if one had a small prayer request, one might give a dozen eggs to the Shaman, Priest or Ceremony Facilitators. If one needed a cure for cancer, a new home, etc., one would give all their horses, food for a year, or even their first born child as an apprentice, to the ones who held the prayers and ceremonies for manifestation, healing and transformation. Today, money is our current form of barter. Whatever you give will be returned to you a thousand fold, in so many ways.

We thank  and honor you so much for your financial support for our Dance to Heal the Earth around the world!
Everything we offer is in alignment with Church of the Earth’s mission to steward the Earth and care for All Beings. Please send us your intention and we will place a prayer flag with your prayer on the Tree of Life during the Dance.


Robin Youngblood
Executive Director and a minister of Church of the Earth