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Thank you for your interest in Dance to Heal the Earth. We’re so happy that you’d like to join us!
You can Dance to Heal the Earth with us in several countries.
You will find more info on this website

Please Contact Us or  SIGN UP by e-mail to the organization of the country you would like to Dance.

In this time of great change, Mother Earth needs our support.
Each of us has a Life Purpose that serves the needs of All Creation. Some of us already know what that is, and how to share our gifts and talents for the good of all. Some of us are still in the process of discovering our mission in life.

Dance to Heal the Earth is a profound focal point for discovery, initiation, healing, and manifesting our intention, in alignment with the Great Creation, Mother Earth and the Core of our Beings.
Every movement in the Dance is a prayer of profound focus and intention.

Drumming, Dance, Song and Ceremony are the foundation of every indigenous culture ~ and we are all indigenous to Mother Earth and our country of origin.
In the way I’ve been taught, all ceremonial dances originated through the Women, the Birthers. These ceremonies were given to our Brothers, as the Protectors of the vision.
In some cultures, the masculine became the dominant force for many centuries.
It is now time for the feminine to re-emerge, and to co-create balance and restore harmony between the masculine and feminine energies in order to support a healthy living environment for All Our Relations.

Whether you attend as a Dancer or Supporter, your gift to this dance is a prayer.
We are grateful for the community we are building, and every intention you carry.
Our work in this Dance will be felt throughout the world.

Once you have committed to this dance, please download and sign the protocols and waiver, and email to the hosting organization in the country where you will be dancing/supporting.

For Dancers: If you have any medications you need to take; any issues with fasting (you will be drinking water); any concerns or questions, we need to be aware of them. Please fill out the waiver, and we will talk directly to assure you have the protection and awareness you will need to fulfill your commitment and focus solely on your Dance.
Dance to Heal the Earth is focus, gratitude, and celebration.


Welcome to Dance, Drum, Sing and Support

Dance to Heal the Earth

Please SIGN UP or Contact Us

Grandmother Robin Youngblood